Coveting is all the broke can do…

Yeah, my life has been a succession of crazy followed by more crazy these days. Bee has been helping hold down the fort but I still love writing here and miss you guys!

Our baby is due to arrive anywhere from 3-7 weeks from today and we’re trying as hard as we can to prepare for something we have no idea how to prepare for. And buy lots of stuff. Ok, well, we’ve been gifted many many wonderful gifts but the idea of one of us not working for quite some time has me panicking just slightly over finances – so I’ve been practicing a lot of restraint and there’s been next to no personal shopping going on.

However, I have been doing a little blog reading – one of my favorite’s these days is The Dapper Dad. Not just because I’m about to become one, but because he is one classy dude. Recently he showed me what my next favorite piece of jewelry is: A fishook bracelet from Michael Saiger.

There is a black leather one on the site that I’m pretty much stiff over – however there’s the daddy brain in me saying “yeah – but you’ll put her eye out with it.” And that my friends, is parent preparation. I figure it’ll be about 10 years before I can consider “dangerous” jewelry. Or…maybe my pretty lady love will figure out a way for it to be mine for special occasions.

What’s on your covet list these days?


4 Responses to “Coveting is all the broke can do…”

  1. W00t, SB! Happy Father’s Day!! We in the butch blogosphere are so stoked for you and the SL!

  2. I heard my name mentioned so I thought I would stop by and say “Hello!” and thank you for the mention. Although my own son is now old enough to get in trouble all by himself I agree that dangerous jewelry for a newborn is out of the question. Nonetheless when you regain a modicum of sleep after the first few months (as I tell all new parents – good luck!) you’ll be less likely to hook your child 🙂 Great blog BTW and make sure you keep at it!

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