Because I’m also a dirty dirty birdie

My friend KD has created an incredibly awesome, much needed, Queer Feminist Sex Magazine, Salacious. And it’s totally dirty dirty sticky hot, and is about to launch it’s second edition!  It’s the first magazine where anything that even resembles what I find hot. In it’s own words, Salacious is:

SALACIOUS is a print magazine of queer feminist sex art and literature. SALACIOUS aims to meld pornography with high art; comics with erotica; titillation with stunning visuals.

So Really – you probably should get your hands on issue #2. Issue #1 sold out in record time. And once you have it in your hot little hands, my guess is you’ll have a hard time keeping said hands off of yourself – or anyone else. You know, in a totally consensual kind of way. You know what I mean.



One Response to “Because I’m also a dirty dirty birdie”

  1. I’ve already got my copy and it’s hot hot hot.. even beyond the story I wrote for it. My sweetheart, Roxy, has two pictures in there as well.

    I am proof you can be a great butch dad and a dirty bird. Enjoy

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