Oh. Yeah. This.

Ok. It’s been over a year for anything to show up here. This is so not acceptable but here’s the truth. I’m tired. Life is so amazing, hard, and incredible, but becoming a parent has become the hardest and most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I know that people say that all the time but I think they do because it’s absolutely true.

Additionally, when you’re not a bazillionaire, and you’ve decided with your partner that having a parent at home with your baby until they’re a couple years old, sacrificing some major expenditures from your pre-kid life is a must. On top of that, kids are messy. I find myself choosing easy sweaters/jeans/slip on shoe combinations because it takes so much time to get everyone else ready and out for the day, and then we just get half eaten (insert food here) or milk on us anyway….and you can see the effort to look spit spot is somewhat diminished. I’m working on changing that because I feel better when I’m dapper.

Over the past year I’ve pretty much bought exactly zero clothes for myself. I bought one pair of shoes in May, and am desperately in need of both a new pair of work shoes and some new gym shoes, as well as some new work shirts. I haven’t had a shopping spree since before G was born, and both my wife and I buy stuff on a MUST HAVE basis only, for big needs.

Sadly, the biggest financial/family change is that I’ve traded in my awesome rally car in for a…sensible safe sedan. Not that my wrx wasn’t safe but…it was expensive. It was also mine. SL wouldn’t learn how to drive a standard to be able to drive it and not having both cars work for both of us was becoming annoying, and did I mention the expensive part? We’re saving a ton of money in both car payment and insurance and gas that it was a no-brainer decision. But I’ll admit, I was/am still sad to not see that machine in my driveway. I’d worked really hard to get/keep it and…well, it’s sometimes hard to give up something you love, even if it was just a “thing.”

That said, this coming weekend I have the honor of being ‘best butch team member’ at a dear friend’s wedding, and get to wear a tux for the first time, so – you can expect some commentary from there. We’ve been working with Jos A Bank, and…the experience has been a toss up so far but I’m hopeful that it will all pull together this week.

I’m going to work on writing more, figuring out how to be awesomely dressed on a budget, and continuing my growth as a partner to SB, and a parent to G. I’m hopeful that there is an audience for some of my ramblings and questions, especially as we move into an age where pointing out girl/boy differences are going to start becoming more and more pronounced. I also hope some of you can help:)

So what’s new with you? Parent readers – how do you balance parenting/money/looking awesome?


6 Responses to “Oh. Yeah. This.”

  1. I know how sad you are about the wrx. I also know you know it was a good call and that helps. Some.
    Re: balance – I don’t, honestly. I buy clothes only when I must (new job), and rely heavily on accessorizing the closet staples I have. Thankfully I have a pretty great shoe and makeup collection from the days when I still made money.

  2. ”where pointing out girl/boy differences are going to start becoming more and more pronounced”

    Whos boy/girl differences? Yours, G’s our other kids? The kids in my life have responded well to ‘ kind of girl kind of boy’, my girl had certain items she chooses from boys dept because the choices are more her taste.

    However you mean it, be thoughtful. Andd enjoy parenthood. It’s an unexpectedly awesome ride.

  3. Yay! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere, SB. I missed ya!

  4. I agree. My style has certainly been compromised now that I’m a parent, just no time. I haven’t used hair product in weeks now. And jeans and T-shirts is all I wear. Oh, and I gave up the sneakers in favor of slip-on loafers because it was too hard to tie laces with kids and bags. Sheesh.

  5. welcome back! is really nice reading you. My girlfring and I, are thinking that the time for being parents is arraving! so, readding you will help us allot.

  6. Robyn Ooh Says:

    Welcome back. I am a parent of twins, so I relate to what you were saying. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t give yourself away just because you are a parent. I am the stay at home and for the first four years the kids, and my wife, were my main focus. I forgot about me. I regretted it. Schedule time in for yourself! You deserve it.

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