Subscription Boxes

Almost a year ago, I got a new job and moved from western Massachusetts, USA to northern California, USA.  This is literally 3000 miles across the United States, and culturally a world away.

I love northern California.  I can’t even imagine living anywhere else right now. I love my job, the city where we live, the amazing adventures we can have in short drives (Tahoe! Yosemite! San Francisco! Marin/Sonoma/Napa Counties)

As a congratulations to myself gift, I chose a subscription to the Sprezzabox. I was super stoked to receive my first box– a neck tie, pocket square, lapel pin… all cool stuff.  I did the Sprezzabox for 4 or 5 months before I decided to cancel because I wasn’t really using the stuff in the box. I don’t wear neck ties– when I wear a tie, I wear a bow tie.  The pocket squares look sharp in my drawer of stuff–but really, I don’t wear them either.  In a few of the boxes, I got lapel pins that I have worn, and a few other neat little accessories like a shoe horn, some fancy man eye cream (which I never used because I am dedicated to my Enchanted), and in one box, a cigar cutter. I do not smoke cigars.


I think these may be the only things I kept from Sprezzabox

So I canceled. I sold the lot of neck ties, pocket squares, a fish hook tie clip, and the cigar cutter on Ebay.  I didn’t get my money’s worth.  In hindsight, I should have just sent the box to Jax. (Sorry buddy.)

I thought I could find a subscription box that would be cheaper and give me what I want– bow ties.  So I found Swag Ties. I received two ties, and then they stopped coming even though I was charged for 4 months of the service in advance.  Then inexplicably, I got a refund.  Their website doesn’t really say anything about what’s going on– so I’m just gonna accept that it isn’t happening.  The two ties I received were decent looking (one had owls, the other was just kind of modernist) and seemed to be well made.  So it goes.


My two Swag Ties are in the front– gray with stripes and cream with owls

So then I found Bespoke Post, which has INCREDIBLY cool stuff.  The set up is cool too– the first of the month, you get an email reminder to log in and choose a box. You don’t have to pick one, but if you don’t opt out, they’ll charge you and send you the box of the month.  The box I got, Concentrate, was amazing. It was a cold press coffee situation, some fancy bitters, and two really cool cement desk accessories. I haven’t ordered another box, but not for lack of attractive options– it’s just not really in my budget right now.

I was an early fan of The Tie Bar.  I am sure they do a bustling business as it is, but they could add a subscription box and I would 100% get on board. They have ties, pocket squares, socks, lapel pins, and more– they could put together themed boxes (preppy, modern, whatever) and make tons more money.  If you haven’t shopped with them, I can’t recommend them enough. They make an excellent product, sell it at a very reasonable price, and ship it to you quickly.  You can set up a wish list which is pretty cool. Free shipping on orders over $50 makes it so that I usually wait until I’m ready to buy 3 ties and then I get them at once.

Now that you’ve heard about my experiences with subscription boxes,  I’m curious what experiences you have had with subscription boxes and if you have any to recommend/avoid.  Also, if you have any ideas for possible boxes, that would be fun to consider as well.

Thanks for reading! I really am truly glad to be back!


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