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Etsy finds

Posted in accessories, Gift Giving, Personal grooming, Shopping on January 5, 2017 by bee listy

I started cross-stitching many years ago. Mostly I do portraits, but sometimes I do other stuff. I do have an Etsy shop, and I like to use Etsy as a place to find fun and interesting things.  One of the things I appreciate about Etsy is that you can find a lot of unique and handmade gifts, as well as a lot of fun queer and feminist gifts.

Here are a few things you might appreciate. (Click on the image for a link.)

Double duty

Posted in Gift Giving on December 10, 2010 by sartorialbutch

Reversible bow ties from Brooks Brothers!!!

Pricey but you know, twice the gift!!!


‘Cuz Butches are Wicked Smaaht

Posted in Gift Giving with tags , , , , , on December 6, 2010 by sartorialbutch

I read. A lot. Mostly porn. And some silly Magazines.  But it wasn’t always this way. When I had access to school libraries I’d pick up a few books to enjoy whenever I was there studying, which was, at one point, a lot.  After graduation it seemed that I was always working and when I wasn’t working I was sleeping or trying to spend a little bit of time with my loved ones.

Now I’ve got a bit more free time and I’d really love to start reading more but I’ve got two pretty major problems that get thrown into this mix – one, buying books is expensive (and also a waste of natural resources, but that’s really not what this is about) and two, my local library is NEVER open when I’m not at work. It’s like our hours coincide perfectly. Awesome for me!!

For the holidays this year I’d really LOVE to get a Kindle, or a Barnes and Noble Nook. Sure, I could get an iPad, however, as much as I LOVE Apple products, I don’t think this is going to do what I want it to do in terms of an e-reader. The iPad is about 3x more expensive than either e-reader, and if I had an iPad I’d probably spend more time goofing off playing Angry Birds than reading, which defeats the point. Also, the e-reader’s low price point means that I will feel ok with taking it anywhere – the beach, plane, my in-laws house, etc, and not worry too much about it – or worry more about it than I actually get to enjoy it, which is EXACTLY the problem I had when I bought a really awesome but pricey digital camera. I found that I was taking more pics with my cheaper point and shoot because I wasn’t worried about it falling into the ocean – and I think this theory will work out similarly with an e-reader.

Additionally, with the Kindle and maybe with the nook you can “forward” your book to another digital device, like your iPhone, to read WHEREVER you are.  There are additional considerations between the two products – with Kindle you’re kind of locked into and buying books, but you CAN share with other kindle users as well as being able to download a HUGE library of public domain titles. has the largest selection of books for sale.  With the Nook you are able to purchase from B&N, but you can also download e-books from your local library, which you can’t do on Kindle.

So – what am I missing? Do you have an e-reader? Which one? Why do you like/not like it, and what would you suggest to someone considering buying their dream butch one of these for the holidays?