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Winter Sweater Time

Posted in Narcissism at its best with tags , , on December 21, 2010 by sartorialbutch

As of last night it has officially snowed in Maine. WOO HOO!!! One woo because I think fresh snow is beautiful and the hoo because a small segment of my business depends on bad weather and so, yay for success there.  It also means that winter is REALLY REALLY here! I know the date is telling you that, but first snow around the holiday times makes things feel more festive and fun.

This is one of my FAVORITE heavy wool winter sweaters. I love this style of neckline for when I’m being a little bit more casual either at work or going out, or if I’m not feeling the sweater-vest look.

This particular sweater is about 5 years old and came from the Gap.

What do you like for winter sweater-ware??

A Sartorial Wedding

Posted in Narcissism at its best with tags on December 17, 2010 by sartorialbutch

Ok, so, a bunch of you have asked “uh…what about the wedding???”  RIGHT. So, I know it’s late by about 2 months however, here are some photos from our special day!  Special thanks to the SL for you know, allowing me to introduce her to all of you!

The theater looked awesome!

Many thanks to the Butch Pastor who helped make our day incredibly special. And to the squeaking chairs in the movie theater (it was a Willy Wonka themed wedding) for helping us have even more laughter during the day.

The cupcakes were delicousness.

And this is my favorite shot of the day.

The bride wore a very very modified wedding dress that was basically found at a thrift shop and taken apart and put back together again by one of  the most talented and beautiful femmes that I know!  Bridal shoes are Fleuvogs. The butch wore a Calvin Klein suit, Brooks brothers shirt and tie, and Kenneth Cole shoes.


Many thanks to my beautiful wife and all of our friends and family who made the day so unforgettable and wonderful!

Get’cha Hot Dog Heahhh

Posted in Narcissism at its best on July 8, 2010 by sartorialbutch

So, things continue to be one incredible freaking roller coaster ride of a lifetime in my “real world,” but I thought I’d take a second to share with you one of the “engagement” photos the Sartoriallove and I had taken this afternoon by the incredibly wonderful Tiffany Tappan in Portland, ME.

I’m actually starting to like doing stuff like this. And, honestly, with the SL, it’s pretty easy.

I’m too sexy

Posted in Butch in the real world, Narcissism at its best with tags , on June 8, 2010 by sartorialbutch

It feels like forever ago, but it wasn’t THAT long – two weeks ago I did a butch fashion show, called “Sartorial Summer” at Re/Dress NYC.  The wonderful Bevin had told me early in May that she’d named the show in part due to my blog, and well, plans just exploded from there. I talked a little bit about being confident and kind, which I wrote a bit more about on this week also.

I have to be completely honest – talking in front of people petrifies me.  As does even the THOUGHT of modelling, down a runway, for ANYONE other than, well, you know, making fun of modelling in my own house in my boxers.  But as this has been the year of grabbing life by the horns, I thought, why not.  Plus, it meant I got to hug my mom really quick like, and get some REALLY good deli food.

I digress. The event was awesome and the store was PACKED and I had some surprise visitors from across the Hudson, AND also got to see some friends that I’d not had the pleasure of seeing in a looong time. But really? I was so so nervous.  I did get to meet some awesome new folks, including DapperQ! Here are two pics from the event taken by Jeep Wheat (thanks!)

I love the funny faces I’m making. Not. I don’t know how that happened, that must just be my model face. I kind of like how it looks like Bevin is posing with me in the shot, rather than me just walking by which is what actually happened.

Those are in fact my kicks. My favoritist pair.

Anyway, it was a great time, and a great learning experience for me. AND I had fun.

Up next? The new suit came out SO good. I’m so so pleased with it, and am scrounging for photos to show you!

What’s new in your wardrobe?

Cowboy Chic

Posted in Narcissism at its best, Shirts, ties on April 1, 2010 by sartorialbutch

Ok, I have to admit that I have a serious love for all shirts pearl buttoned. Usually, these are not dressy enough to be work wear – where I live, anyway, so I usually save them for nights out.  I have however figured out a few ways in which I can incorporate “me” items into my work wardrobe. I call this look cowboy chic – I’ve paired a brown/navy/light blue/white pearl button shirt with a solid tie and solid sweater (down below are khakis and my brown dress boots) and I think this look is one that works well for me. A little bit of whimsy with a whole lot of style.

What are some fashion items that you love, but don’t think are necessarily work wear appropriate? What outfits have you put together that combine the work you and the real you?  Let’s mix it up today on the SB!!!


Posted in Narcissism at its best on February 5, 2010 by sartorialbutch

Checks with argyle with solid. Score.  Happy narcissistic Friday.

Another one of the butch in the bow

Posted in Narcissism at its best with tags , on December 29, 2009 by sartorialbutch

Seriously? I’m loving this look so so so incredibly much. I kind of think it’s “geek-hot.”